Hi Scotty,

I saw a 2012 Camry LE with automatic transmission and 86000 miles. The seller is a private party. Price is $8200.

The car is red in color. There is a small crack in the rear bumper which is hard to see (I'm ok with not fixing it). The passenger mirror cover is not present and the whole assembly needs to be replaced but the mirror works fine. Some visible scratches on the side but nothing too big. The car is now in California, the owner previously lived in NJ, so there's surface rust in the engine bay due to the harsh weather in NJ.

I checked it with a mechanic and he checked the transmission fluid and found that it's black and recommended to change it asap. He also found some alignment issues; the tires are relatively new (last year). He checked for any frame/flood damage and couldn't find any. The car hasn't been in an accident as per the records and the inspection. Cabin/Air filter has to be changed also.

There's seepage in the timing cover, but no leaks. Mechanic quoted $770 for the removing of timing cover and sealing it and around $350 for just touching it up and using silicon to seal it from the outside.
The car doesn't have any other mechanical issues and drives fine.

I checked the title and it's clean and in seller's name.

Quotes, recommendations by mechanic:
Rear brake (parking brake )adjustment= $90, ATF + filter change = $380, Air+ cabin filter= $90-150, oil seepage = $770 for fixing OR $350 for touching up. The report is here :

The urgent ones I think are ATF, alignment, air + cabin filter and the mirror (for me)and it comes around $1000. Also 90k mile service is approaching (currently 86100 miles).

What do you think about the car for $8200?


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Thanks Scotty. I took your advice and said no.
Later I got to know that some poor guy offered 9000 for it and he sold it to him.

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


It is way overpriced coming from New Jersey with Rust I wouldn't buy that