I hope you are having a wonderful day Scotty!
I have a 2011 Toyota Camry SE i4 with 140k miles. I have been having issues with the car due to the rpm’s always dropping to 400-500 and after a while going back up to 700-800 which is normal. When I shift from park to reverse or drive, the car’s rpm drop to 500 and feels like it will hesitate, and shakes, even when turning the wheels. It makes vibrations all over the car. (When the cars’ rpm is 700, it does not make any shaking of any sort when turning the wheels)
When driving the car after making any shift (from park to drive/reverse or vice-versa) and stopping in a stop/red light, the car again drops to 500 and shakes, until after 30 secs or more it goes back to 700-800 rpms. After a few stops or a long drive without stops, and stopping again, the car will not drop rpms and stay at 700-800.
It stays normal all the way until I have to place the car again into park/reverse and then again the car rpms drop to 500 and I get the vibrations all over again. If I were to put the car into park or reverse(with the brake pressed) and wait 20-30 seconds, the cars rpm will go back to normal until I shift again and it is the same thing all over again.

If the car is in neutral and in 500 rpm, and even turn the wheels, there is no vibration or hesitation, the car acts normal.

The car has new spark plugs (OEM densos), both clean cabin/air filters, a new fuel pump installed at around 125k, and have been using fuel cleaner additive for the past 25k miles (every 3k miles) with your recommended PEA additive. Oil changed every 5k miles. I have tried doing the whole computer relearn thing, multiple times, with the battery, etc etc.

I live in the Houston area. Is this something that is “normal” for the car and should I live with it, or should I finally take it to a dealer with a scan tool to check it out?

I am a DIY’er, and not being able to know what to do kinda bums me out.