2011 CR-V driver window has started making a loud clunk when lowering it all the way with auto-down option on the window switch. If I use the switch to lower it without auto-down, it won't clunk until it hits the end of travel. If I lower the window all the way into the door, but stop it before it bottoms out, there's no clunk. The window works fine going up and down and speed has not decreased. I looked inside the door. None of the bolts are loose, there are no loose parts lying in the bottom of the door. It just acts like a limit switch needs to be adjusted up about 1/8 to 1/4 inch, but I couldn't find one in the door. Honda won't help me with any info. I have a shop manual but can't find any info. about controlling the motor stop limits. I don't know what makes the motor stop at the bottom of travel, and whether it is adjustable. I disconnected the battery for 2 hours but after reconnecting the battery, the switch did not require the reprogramming I've seen on youtube. I guess that's only necessary on older models? I bet you can figure this out!

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well, check for worn window regulator parts, often you need a new regulator assembly to fix that