2011 Camry XLE V6 Best Brakes (Rotors & Pads) for older lady in IA?


Hope you can help. My mom is 77 years old, drives a 2011 Toyota Camry XLE w/ V6. She is in need of front brakes and of course got a huge quote. I have changed my 2010 Impala rotors and pads around and it looks exactly the same. I like your no BS videos and search them for things I need to learn. (Thank you by the way) Mom is usually on the go in Des Moines, IA staying in town 90% of the time. Breaking downfall that she has is not breaking early, waits to long and then has to break harder than she should. Couple of questions, should I do all 4 at the same time even if rear is not as far down as the front? What are the best rotors and pads to buy for her Camry in Des Moines, most winter's are icy more than anything, with good amounts of snowfall possible. Sand and Salt are put down by the DOT. They have been using more of the new chemical pretreat, but then all local businesses and residents use ice melt, rock salt, and sand for parking lots ect. Thank you for the help on what to buy her that will keep her safe.