2010 Suzuki SX4 AWD reliabily

Is a Suzuki any good? Looking for awd with good mpg.

I drive 50 miles a day all highway. Will a 2010 Suzuki SX4 last me for awhile? I need awd. I also maintain my vehicles religiously. Thanks Scotty!

they pulled out of the US years ago due to horrid sales. But if you live somewhere else, they can be ok cheap transport

Well, I live in Idaho but hopefully I can get anything i'll need for it on rockauto.com

22 MPG is not that good for a small car. A lot of small SUVs get much better gas mileage than that SX4. Consumer Reports is having a hard time selling their Infiniti QX30 for around the mid to high $20K range. But you live in Idaho, and the car is in Connecticut. I would say that if you don't want to drive a car cross-country, get a Toyota RAV4. They can last forever.