2009 venza v6, permanent code p0102 with working MAS, no vacuum leak.

Tommy Vo

Hi scotty, i bought 2009 venza v6 3.5. There are no check engine light on but it seem consume more gas than usual. i scan with the scan tool and there is permanent trouble code p0102. I cleaned the mass air flow and throttle and the checked engine light still on. I changed new mass air flow sensor and run live data. it indicated mass air flow and intake air temperature seem working fine ( as i accelerate, the mass air flow increasing), i also checked for leak and tight everything down, make sure everything is good. however the permanent code p0102 still appear, there is not checked engine light on. The mass air work fine ( OEM mass air flow), no vacuum leak, no checked engine on but permanent code p0102. I have no idea what exactly going on?. can you help, please ?
Any Help Would Be Appreciated,

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


1st of all only use a Toyota oem mass airflow sensor. If that does not fix it then either the air intake has some type of restriction Or the wiring is gone bad or the main computer circuit that drives it is bad