2009 Toyota Sienna Head gaskest? Warped Head? Give up on it?

Rachel Compton

2009 Toyota Sienna

I think I may have killed it... Went to Tennessee, checked fluids, forgot to put cap back on and went to town. Later drove some more when I noticed a knocking sound, pulled over immediately and realized my mistake!! It was HOT! No water left! All gauges shut off because it was so hot. Let it cool off and all that, ended up leaving it in Tennessee and got a rental. (I live in Texas, we were just there for vacation). Husband just went to Tennessee and towed it back home. It starts fine, we let it idle for about 30 mins, temp stayed at normal. Started again later to let it run, same thing but noticed some smoke out the tail pipe but couldnt tell if it was just steam from sitting for 2 months or what (it didnt really have a smell). Husband then drove it around for about 20 mins. On the drive the temp spiked and went back down, they got home and under hood was smoking (much like that day it over heated) Popped the hood and the brand new radiator cap we bought is gone?! Is this a blown head gasket? Faulty new radiator cap? How much do you charge to replace an engine? LOL

We've already replaced this van (with a 2017 Toyota Sienna) but I'd really love to hang on to it :( It's been such a great van!