2009 Toyota Corolla engine dies.

Engine and gauges acting strange.

Whether parked or driving the gauges die, sometimes come back on for a second then die again, engine sputters then runs for a while at idle with intermittent throttle response then dies. The battery is not dead. The windows still go up and down and the lights are still bright. However jumping it to another car's battery will make it start again. It will run normally for about 5 minutes after disconnecting from the other car and do the same thing again. The battery/charging light does not come on. I have tested it a dozen times and same thing happens every time. The heater fan has stopped working so I disconnected it in case it is shorting the power. Made no difference. Checked all fuses and swapped out the relays, no difference. The engine is running in the picture but shut off about a minute after. The car sat for a while with a bad fuel pump. New fuel pump is installed but now this.

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Is there a factory recall on the computer module in your 2009 car? I had the exact same thing happening with a 2007 Toyota Corolla I had 6 years ago and found out that there was a factory recall. The dealership replaced the computer under the factory recall for no charge. After that it ran like a charm. I regret selling that one.