2009 Honda Rideline RTL Transmission Fluid Drain


2009 Honda Ridgeline RTL drained transmission fluid, close to 2.5 more quarts where drained than what was expected

Hello I recently got a service minder on this vehicle stating that a transmission fluid drain was needed. I researched, found several videos of people doing the service, and looked up the specs. All of the information I found stated that 3.3 quarts of transmission fluid would be drained, that same amount would be replaced, and that the transmission holds 8.5 quarts total . Now some folks online mentioned having to put up to 4 quarts for the proper dipstick reading to appear. So yesterday, thinking that I had all of the information I needed and feeling confident about my ability to complete the procedure, I went to perform the task. Before draining any fluid made sure I could remove the fill plug. I managed to remove the fill plug and proceeded to remove the drain plug and let drain into an 8 quart drain plan. I stepped away, to let the fluid drain off completely, and when I returned I found that what seemed to be 7 quarts had drained out of the transmission! Come to find out close to 5.5-6 quarts had drained out of the transmission. I am completely stumped as to why so much fluid came out. Thinking that I only had to replace 4 quarts I only purchased 4 quarts. The dipstick is reading at the first indicator dot, and I took the truck out for a drive and all gears shifted properly. I did purchase more Genuine Honda ATF-DW1, to bring it up to the second indicator dot (the proper fill point). My family and I have had this truck since March, have put about 5000 miles on the engine and it has given us no mechanical problems thus far at 168,000 miles. Have you ever heard of anything like this? Could it be that the previous owner/ service people may have over filled the transmission with fluid, could that maybe explain why so much drained out? I honestly have not been able to find anyone else mentioning anything like this on any of the forums I frequent online. I am honestly hesitant to put the same amount that came out back in. Thank you much for your help.