2009 Corolla Camshaft Timing Gear issue?

2009 Corolla with 127,500 miles issue relating to the camshaft VVTi timing gear

Hey Scotty! I just bought a 2009 Corolla with 126,000 miles on it for 3 grand. It has an issue relating to the camshaft timing gear and this should have been fixed by a 2009 service bulletin while it was under warranty. I never noticed the issue when I bought the car because it was warmed up. This only happens on cold starts. The car runs like a dream other than this grinding at startup. Is this a critical problem that I need fixed immediately? If so, should I just sell the car and run while it still works? This is my first car and I've put 1,500 miles on it. Oil change and basic tune-up things (spark plug, etc) did not help to fix it. Here is a video of the problem

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it is critical, so see if the warranty is still good and toyota will fix it under warranty. if not, sell it now