Hello Scotty,
I'm looking at a 2008 Toyota Sienna LE at an AUDI dealership with 130k miles for $6,500. Someone traded it in for an AUDI a week ago and the dealership is trying to sell it. I looked at it today, but the salesman said it wasn't allowed to be test driven because it hadn't been inspected by the AUDI mechanics yet. I did start it up and the engine sounded great. The salesman also gave me a carfax report which showed that the car had been serviced by a dealership every 5k miles. However, the outside of the car was really dirty and the paint had chipped off in an area the size of a dime, which showed some rust underneath. But I think it's only surface rust because the car has been in Arizona for all of its life. The carfax also had two accidents reported, one in 2012 to the front right of the vehicle. And another in 2013 which was a rear-end collision and airbags did not deploy. Should those 2 accidents concern me? Also, should I trust that their mechanics are honest and will fix anything that is wrong with the vehicle before they sell it? I still have to go back on Monday when the car should be done to test drive it and if it drives well buy it. The KBB value of the car is around $6,000 so even though the car has been in two accidents, they're still asking for 500 dollars over because you just don't find Toyota Sienna's that easily around here. I've been looking for a deal on one of them on craigslist and facebook for months and I can't find one that has less than 100k miles and costs less than 10k dollars. Do you think this is a good deal? I have also included two pictures of the engine bay. Thank you very much! -Steve