The timing chain keeps jumping on the crankshaft spindle when ever it hits TDC. All new parts as well

I changed the balance chain guides and tensioner as well but did not remove the chain. The timing chain had some slack in it so I decided to change it. I replaced the timing chain, the guides, the crankshaft spindle and tensioner as well. I used the correct camshaft alignment tool set for my car (8th digit of VIN Y) to make sure they were good and made sure cylinder 1 was at TDC. I put the yellow chain link on the intake spindle above the largest circle on the spindle face and the black link on the exhaust spindle on the largest circle as well and the other black link on the dot on the crank spindle. The camshaft spindles aren’t keyed so I was confused about that but I continued as everything is lined up and torqued down. It comes out of alignment every time and the chain keeps jumping down on the intake side of the crankshaft spindle when I hand crank it and it obviously won’t start. I even put the original chain back on with the old tensioner thinking the new ones was defected and the old ones do it as well. It's weird. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I’d appreciate if you have any tips/pointers! Thank you!

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NEVER do that work without changing the chain, too much can go wrong and did in your case. those VVT engines require exactness and special tools are needed to remove and replace all those parts so VVT doesn't get out of synch. good luck though