2008 Ford Taurus X

My Ford Taurus X suddenly dies in traffic. I don't know why.

Hey, Scotty!

I've been trying to diagnose what's been going on with this vehicle. My wife was driving it at low speeds when it suddenly died completely without spuddering.

Power steering, braking, and everything stopped working. I checked the battery and alternator at auto zone, and they were working as they should. I have a simple OBD sensor, and no codes were showing up, I had a green check-mark. I then drove it for 15 minutes in stop and go traffic without any codes, and it seemed to run well.

I tapped the camshaft sensors and it didn't shut off, as I saw in your 2 videos on diagnosing this issue. I can't seem to find the fuel pressure Schroeder valve to test the fuel pressure on my 2008 ford taurus X. I'm probably going to invest in one to check if the fuel pump is going out and having lower pressure than it should.

I guess my 2 questions are:

Where is the fuel pressure testing site on a 2008 ford taurus X and what should the pressure be?
What else could be work if it's not the fuel pump after I check it?

A similar problem happened with my 20004 buick lesabre and it ended up being the mass air flow sensor, but that buick would not start after it died, it would turn over but would not ignite. This one is still driving. I'M SO CONFUSED!

Thanks a ton for your help, Scotty!

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My dad also suggested maybe it vapor locked? If it vapor locks, does it work as usual afterward or does that require another repair? Sorry for all the questions within this question!


Well, It's starting now and running, even driving around for up to 15mins at around 30 mph. Was it just a fluke that it died because it's an older car? I'm thinking the harbor freight kit for 80$ is what i'll try. Does that have the proper adapters?



there is no test port on that, you'd need special adapters and a fuel pressure gauge set up to test it. Try starting fluid, if it starts and dies, replace the pump