2007 Toyota Camry

Hey Scotty there is a 2007 Toyota Camry with 76,000 on it i wanted to know is this a good deal for $7585

How many more miles can I get on this car if I take care of it.

I've seen em with 400 thousand mils on them. I'd buy it, but try to pay less, it is an 11 year old car after all

What would you offer the guy he said he would let it go for that price all together with tags, title and fees

I see 10 y o cars from shady lots with under 100 K miles all the time. I would demand proof the mileage is genuine.

Also headlights not yellowed at all. Either it has been lovingly garaged or crashed and perhaps shoddily rebuilt.

I have a 2007 camry and have changed the oil religiously every 3k miles since new but still this model year burns A LOT OF OIL. just a warning, BEWARE THIS MODEL YEAR CAMRY. BURNS OIL