How to Fix Engine Oil Consumption Concerns
How to Fix Engine Oil Consumption Concerns

Hi Everyone: I've had several requests of what to do when your engine is using oil and it's not leaking onto the ground. BG Products has done it again, they ...


2007 Toyota 4 cylinder consumption issues with motors over 100,000 miles

Hello Scotty my name is Jason and I was so excited I finally found an older model Camry that looks like it is only 2 years old. It only has 74,000 miles and we found out it was a condo car that lived in Naples FL before coming up to middle TN so there is zero rust, paint looks brand new and the leather interior is immaculate. All that excitement and smiles went to, OH MY GOOODNESS last night. I was running through my YouTube and I ran across "2007 Camry oil consumption problems". It seems there is a defect in the rings or piston design! The engine I have will most likely start going through oil 1 quart every 1000 miles at around 130,000 miles. There a few videos explaining in detail what the issue is with the rings and I totally understand what the possible problem at hand. I can tell that the last owner took the vehicle to a Toyota Dealership for the oil consumption test because I can see the makers on the oil cap and the dipstick. They also changed the cap from 5W 20 to 0W 20. I am hearing Toyota recommends synthetic on these cars now to help avoid that gunk ring issue and I bet anything the car passed due to it had low miles and freaked the owner out so she traded it in for another vehicle. Well, after feeling like I was going to puke LOL I had to try and find a remedy or should I say a maintenance protocol to this problem before that 100,000+ mark. I ran across a product that has great reviews that a mechanic down in Florida shared that is supposed to fix these issue and keep that lower ring from getting the gunk and sticking to the piston. BG Products has a kit especially for this problem and was wondering if you have heard of the product or used it in the past? AND do have any input on this issue in general?


Jason Thrash