Hey Scotty should I keep this car. It's our 2006 RAV. We purchased it new. At about 80,000 miles it started burning through a quart of oil every 1k. After some back-and-forth with the dealer they agreed to do the Piston job. Years later this would be a fully acknowledged issue with Toyota and I believe a recall or at least some sort of letter sent to Toyota owners who suffer this problem. Nevertheless ours was fixed. They also put a new transmission in at this time. I have no idea why. I guess we were hearing a thumping noise when we got the car back from the engine repair and they change the transmission and then weeks later changing an engine mount solved the problem. Did I mention this dealership has now changed hands!

But I digress. We kept the car for my daughter and at 165,000 miles guess what ...burning oil again…. guess what the Piston issue was diagnosed again. I complain a Toyota well at this age with this many miles they're not going to do anything. FYI I have all paperwork for oil changes done generally every 4months... around 5000 miles. It really bums me out.

Anyway is it time to dump this car or do we just keep putting a quart of oil in every thousand or so miles. The dealer switched us to 5 w 30 synthetic. But it's burning just as much oil. So what do you think..of course right before this happened we put a new water pump on, belt,had to get for new used wheels since the original steel wheels were getting pinholes front struts and of course had just done a tune-up....