2006 Kia Rio Sometimes Cranks Slow

Hello Scotty

A quick question if you don't mind.

My daughter has a 2006 Kia Rio 5. She has had it for just over a year.
Ever since she got it it sometimes has a hard time cranking. Not that it
cranks slow but more like there is all of a sudden a ton of pressure
holding it back. Then it seems to "get over the hump".. that's the best
way I can describe it. You sometimes hear this with muscle cars when
they start. Its almost like the compression is so high that it slows the
starter down to the point of stopping for a couple of seconds. I have
checked for codes with a scan tool - there are none. I put a new battery
in it a few days ago and cleaned the connections at the battery. I hate
the buy a new starter if it isn't the problem.

Thanks so much for your time,


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I should have also mentioned that is has been -20 degrees here in the mornings lately ;)


The car wouldn't start this morning.. I tried boosting it with my corolla but it wouldn't turn over fast enough. I went to the shed and got my battery charger and with the 200 AMP car boost option it started right up. would this be more likely to be a weak starter?


Would one of those engines typically wear out at 60000 miles?



classic signs of a worn out engine, or bad starter. Try a starter, they cost tons less