2006 Chevy hhr wont shift, got a tcc code a few months ago but issue subsided, now its back

Hey scotty, been watching your tube channel for a few years now, i do all my own work and when i don't know i check out the tube. I'm having an issue with my 2006 hhr it has 135k miles and was running great, about 8 months back i had an issue with the tranny hard shifting or not up shifting, took it to o'reilly's and a tcc code came up for a stuck solenoid, the next day it was running great again and no code. about a week ago though it started doing it again, but worse, I've scoured the net and my conclusion was to open the tranny side case and replace the valve body and all the solenoids. i have already ordered the kit, but then i came across the video i embeded and that guy says his was a clogged catalytic converter, I'm sure that if i take it back to the O they will give me the same code but are these things linked some how and could i get away without changing the solenoids? his issue is worse than mine as it wont shift at all and mine will with some accelerator fluttering. Sounds like a load of hooee to me but i thought id ask an expert before cracking a transmission open.

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if a cat if clogged, car may not shift from engine management software shutting down shifting, I have seen that happen