2006 Audi A4 2.0T oil pump doesn't start. PCV valve?

When I start my car it is very loud and sounds like a diesel and flashes the oil pressure light if I drive it.

It has been very cold around here lately, about -4℉. When I drove to work in the morning everything worked fine, but when I started it up at night it sounded like a diesel and the oil pressure light came on when I drive. It sounds like no oil is being pumped into the engine. It has lots of oil and no fault codes stored. Based on my research it seems like the PCV valve can freeze which would stop the flow of oil if I the car is not warmed up to temperature when parked. Does that seem like a plausible cause or am I going down a rabbit hole? Do I need a new PCV valve?

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heck, try that valve and pray, but more often it's internal oil pump or bearing failure on those engines. They are money pits when 12 years old