2005 Toyota Camry experiencing strange engine problems.


Hi Scotty, i have a 2005 Toyota Camry automatic transmission with more than one hundred thousand kilometers on it and it is experiencing a strange problem that i have never seen before. When i start the car and drive off, it is fine, it can drive until i run out of petrol. However if i stop at say a shop or a petrol station, turn off my car and go do my business for say 10 - 15 minutes, come out again and restart the car, the car starts but the engine chugs and the needle on the rpm meter sits below where it usually would sit if idling normally, if i put the car into R or D while this is happening, the engine shuts off as i attempt to drive off, with indicators lighting up such as oil can, battery and check engine light. Sometimes i have to rev the engine so high that it feels like its about to blow and hold it there for a few seconds, then the needle would come back to 'normal' idle position where the car can then drive off normally, sometimes revving doesn't do anything at all and the engine continues to chug. This problem however does not happen at all if the interval between turning off and then on is more than 2 hours. Your diagnoses is much appreciated.