2005 Chrysler 300 hot weather and trouble starting

Hey Scotty, I need advise on fixing my car that doesn't start, at times. I drive a 2005 Chrysler 300 with 2.7 L V6. Mileage is around 180k. Then engine only has trouble starting on really hot days. Talking about days where it's above 97 degrees and up. During any other day it starts up like a charm and never has an issue starting up in the winter. On a hot day when I turn the key over, it cranks for about 3 seconds, and makes a weird noise as if fuel has a problem getting to the engine, starts for about 3 seconds and then dies. Then, after repeating the process 3-5 times, it will finally turn on. Now when this happens, the car doesnt display any codes for me to scan at all. The battery is fairly new(2 years old), the alternator was also replaced around 2 years ago, and the battery terminals themselves don't have any corrosion or build up at all. Also, there's always power on in the car itself, even when it has trouble on a hot day. This makes me think that it's a bad fuel pump. I'm not entirely sure though, and would like a professional's opinion before I go out and replace the old one

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Sounds like a fuel problem to me too. Maybe fuel injectors. Watch these videos and see if you get any ideas

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