2005 Chevy Silverado (4.3 RWD 2 door Base model)

Rattle from driver side wheel 2005 Chevy Silverado

I have been driving my 2005 chevy Silverado for 10 years it has a bit over 126000 miles on the engine. Aside from the check engine light coming on every three years in relation to the vent solenoid I have had no problems with the vehicle. I have been hearing a rattling sound coming from the driver side wheel. The noise is not evident right away it becomes more pronounced as I spend more time on the road. I rode it through high water the other day and the noise persisted while it was wet. The inner and outer tie rods and wheel hubs where replaced this past summer, there is no play in either wheel. Im thinking its the shocks, what is the best way to diagnose? Also what shocks do you recommend? Thank you

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kyb makes decent shocks, push on them to see if they don't rebound correctly