2004 Lexus RX330 182K miles You asked for car feedback. I bought the…


2004 Lexus RX330 182K miles

You asked for car feedback. I bought the Lexus from my Dad's estate when he died. I had no idea there was a North American and Japanese model. The NA model's replacement headlamps cost $1300 a piece you can buy replacements for the Japan model for $300. This car also has a towing prep package, my Dad did not even have a hitch on it, it does not come with one. Because of the towing package the engine parts for the car are more expensive. I think it was the carburetor they had to change and it was an astronomical price, almost 3K.

I know you say get the Lexus made in Japan. The VIN for NA is 2T and the Japan VIN starts with J. I'd add, stay away from the towing package.

I got a hitch on it now and tow stuff with it. I think, just out of stubbornness to get my money's worth. It is convenient to rent a Uhaul trailer when I need to.

I also found a site on eBay to replace the headlamp tabs on a Lexus. The lights still worked fine. They even have posts in it for tab replacement (See picture, one tab they didn't have in stock so I zip tied it. But you can see the post built into the headlamp.), but did I have to dig to figure that out. It is like they planned for tab replacement. But all the experts at the body shop and mechanics didn't know about that. Not even the Club Lexus board.

I took it to five different shops to get it fixed and nobody mentioned I could replace the tabs and save the headlamps.

That is when I decided to start fixing my car myself. The body work isn't perfect but it looks good enough for me.

Nostalgia is not cheap. But fixing it myself lead me to your channel and you've helped me a lot.

People need to be aware of the total cost of ownership. It sure shocked me when I had to get things fixed.