After 2 days, I was finally able to replace my spark plugs. 1 day to remove the stupid "heat shields" for the spark boot, which after about 4 hours were completely destroyed. Wires and plugs are all new, including valve cover gaskets. I'll be adding the photo's I took for you to see and share if you'd like to, to show what lack of maintenance will do. (Photo's are after I tried to clean them.) I cleaned out the PCV valve with carburetor cleaner, which now results in the valve not sending straight oil into the intake anymore. (Also cleaned out the tube for the same thing on other valve cover.) Turned truck on, and it immediately started pushing out a fat cloud of white smoke from whatever oil is still in the intake. It's still burning oil, even though it's not as bad as before. My question to that is this: If the spark plugs on the Yukon/Suburban are in between the exhaust manifold and not in the valve cover like other vehicles, do they still have grommets on the inside of the port they go in? I will be doing an engine flush, along with the addition of AT 205, but am wondering if it does still have grommets. Thanks! (P.S: It took my father and myself to remove the spark plug heat shields. Me on under the truck and him on top. Ridiculous crap that GM made me go through, aside from the wonderful oil leak it has.😑)

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


engine was neglected in the past big time. There are no seals there, just realize engine is obviously worn internally, and will eventually need a full rebuild. If it runs good enough, add oil as it burns out