Front driver side axle seal leaking around the bore (automatic transmission).

Hello Scotty,

I am working on a friends car. It's a 2004 Ford Focus, with an automatic transmission. I had to change the dust boots on the drivers side axle. The car has about 160,000kms on it, so I decided to change his axle seal as well. After I put everything back together again, the axle seal started to leak at the bottom of the bore.

I took everything apart again, I checked the bore for any grit, scoring, or any foreign material. Everything checked out fine. I put another new seal in, put everything back together, and the seal started to leak at the exact same area. My friend is going down to Ford's, to see if he received the right seal for the job.

Scotty, any suggestions, I was thinking of putting some type of gasket sealant around the next axle seal before installing. Any help would be very much appreciated. I have been working on cars, and trucks in the past 47 plus years, and I have never seen a new seal leak like this.


Mr. Sunny Hound

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they don't need sealers, but I would only use a dealer oem seal to begin with. and realize you may have to buff down the axles itself if it has any burrs on it