2004 Dodge Durango 5.7L P0058, and P0132 02 Sensor Circuit Hi B2S2, and B1S1

2004 Dodge Durango 5.7L 02 heater circuit
2004 Dodge Durango 5.7L 02 heater circuit

Has MIL on and P0058, and P0132


Car comes in with MIL and has 2 codes. Both having to do with 02 Heater Circuits Hi

Hello Scotty I am Vincent an Auto Student. I have a 2004 5.7L Dodge Durango with a MIL. It comes with 2 codes after startup. Bank 2 Sensor 2 Circuit Hi P0058, and Bank 1 Sensor 1 Circuit Hi P0132.

The sensor has been replaced already with a new one for Bank 2 Sensor 2. I followed the diagnostic procedure from ProDemand for the P0058, and there are some actuation tests I can not do without a scan tool with functions. So I skipped these steps.

I have checked the resistance in the 02 sensor heater, and it is 3.4 Ohms within spec.

Next I tried to check power with KOEO, for the procedure calls to heater actuation test and check for battery voltage coming on/off. I do KOEO and I get battery voltage for a few seconds; however, when I run the engine there is no battery voltage, and I have 8-9volts on both 02 sensor heater circuits giving codes from the PCM.

Next I checked the shared ground in the circuit without the battery hooked up, and it tested 3.7 Ohms.

After that the procedure said to check for the circuit shorted to battery voltage. I unplugged the the PCM connectors without the battery connected and KOEO it has no voltage.

Next procedure calls to check for an open circuit on the heater control wire, and it tests at 3.4 Ohms.

The last step says to inspect the wiring harness and connectors and pay attention to all power and grounds on the circuit. If no problems were found replace, and reprogram the PCM.

I am not sure what to do here. I feel as if the 8-9v drop may be the issue for the code, but I do not feel confident in calling out the PCM. The wiring diagrams show that the power is supplied from the PCM without a fuse or relay, and it has a fixed ground. I cleared the code every time before I checked power or tested the heater circuit. I'm not sure what the issue can be.

So I have cut the B2S2 heater circuit power wire from the PCM harness and jumped it to the sensor, and also cut the ground and jumped it to the battery ground. It still gives me the same issue on B2S2.

I decided to check the other 02 sensors that work and the heater circuit provides battery voltage while the engine runs for at least 15 seconds. On my handheld scanner the 02 sensors with codes show 1.27V stuck. I have linked a video of my multimeter hooked up to the Heater Circuit and started up, but I'm not sure why it went to 0. I think this was before I cut and jumped the power from the PCM to B2S2. Huge thanks for your time!

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Thank you Scotty! I will recommend the owner to a shop with a bidirectional dealer level scan tool. Hopefully they can help him and if it comes down to it program the replacement PCM.



you really need a bidirectional dealer level scan tool to find the underlying prolem. But knowing dodges, odds are the pcm is the culprit