2004 Corolla Coolant Leak

2004 Corolla Coolant Leak Location

Hey Scotty, 2004 Corolla, 160k, auto. I am losing coolant from somewhere on my car. I have checked the water pump, thermostat, radiator, and all the hoses including the heater core hoses. It looks like it's coming from the rear of the engine, the undercarriage has a noticeable amount of coolant on the rear area of the engine and frame. There is a pool of coolant near the heater core hoses but I let the car run and didn't see an leaking. I have checked the oil for coolant, and the radiator doesn't release any air bubbles with the cap open when the car idling. I am suspecting that the block could be cracked or maybe a freeze plug? I am not sure where the freeze plugs are on this 1.8L motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't want to scrap this car, too much life left in her!

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UV dye test. Do it at night to greatly increase the contrast of the dye, lit up w/ your UV-flashlight, against a very dark background. Harder to see during daylight.



do this video, it always finds the leaks or overheating problem