2004 Camry. Failed smog due to OBDII internal self-check?


Hey Scotty love your show. I've been able to avoid going to a mechanic on almost all issues, due to your channel. That is, until I ran into this smog concern. I hate CA. Yes, I tried searching your channel for an answer before writing in, I promise.

Car: 2004 Toyota Camry
Transmission: Automatic
Miles: 257,489 (mostly freeway, never had large mechanical issues)
OBD Error: I know it's mentioned in the title, but there is no specific error given. Just the internal self-check. This is what has me most confused. Confirmed with smog technician.

Before I smogged my car, I added a CRC Emissions Cleaning Kit to a full tank and followed the directions by burning through a tank of gas and then refilling before attempting to smog. Took my car to the smog station and it failed due to "Vehicle's on-board computer system has not completed the emission system's self-checks." (Attached 1, smog document)


When I talked to the technician he told me it was only the check with the catalyst remaining, which I was able to confirm at my house with my own scanner (Attached 2, my code reader)

The last time I disconnected my battery was several months ago (~April) when I used one of your videos to fix an error that wound up being an ignition coil. However since then I drove over 400 miles before I failed the smog test initially. So I would assume all these self-checks should have been worked out.

After the smog test they recommended I drive it for another 150 miles, so I drove it for 240, and when I went back it still had the same error and there was nothing the shop claimed they could do. They recommended taking it to a shop.

Is there anything else I can do for this concern before taking it to a shop? It doesn't seem like the catalyst has an actual issue with it, just the internal on-board computer system won't compete the self-check. Otherwise I'd already put a gallon of lacquer thinner through it, if I had reason to believe the catalyst isn't doing its job.

Am I misreading this? Put some thinner through her? I feel like I'm missing a piece to this puzzle.

Thanks brother.