2003 Pontiac Grand AM 2.2 l 4 cyl no start

Problems with my sisters car

I have a starting problem with my sisters 2003 Pontiac Grand AM. It all started with the ignition switch assembly. I had asked her what had happened and she told me that the key would not turn over and a random stranger said he knew what he was doing. I knew where this was going and she told me that the man had cut into the ignition wires and possibly other wires. I had repaired the wires that clipped into the ignition, and plugged the ignition back in, but when I had the positive terminal connected to the battery, I had tapped the negative terminal to the battery and the starter had kicked over. I then had disconnected one wire from the ignition and put a switch there and flipped it on. Bad mistake, the starter solenoid had fried and I didn't have $150 for a new starter, so I went to a pic and pull in Vegas and grabbed a starter and solenoid from that, but coming home and looking at the starter housing, it wasn't a 2.2 liter, it was a 3.4, so I became creative. I swapped out the starter and solenoid and put it on the 2.2 liter housing and gave the negative terminal a tap and it kicked, so good, so far. I took the ignition out again and realized the ignition switch was cracked open. Usually when you turn the keys to start it should go back to run, but it didn't and even off, acc, or run, the starter kicked over. I then bought the ignition switch by itself and connected the ignition cylinder housing into the ignition switch, success. The lights worked, the accessories worked, and the starter would only turn over in start, then immediately go back to run when letting the keys go, but no start. At the moment, I'm trying to trace where the fuel pump wires are and make sure they aren't cut into, but I need a wiring schematic to trace the fuel pump wires to make sure the pump can receive power. There are still cut wires that I need to trace, but any info will help out tremendously.

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realize that car has an anti theft system using the key and the ignition switch assembly. Easily it could be you will need to hire a locksmith or pro mechanic to reset that system. See that ALL the time