2003 Nissan Wingroad Fuel Filter

Cant find the fuel filter on my 2003 Nissan Wingroad

Hey Scotty,

Today my brother and i went into the fuel tank through the back seat latch to replace my fuel filter as it hasnt been done in a while. The automotive store (like Autozone) sold me an in-tank filter when i gave them my make, model and licence number, but when we went into the fuel tank there was no filter to be found, just a unit with a sock, pump and gauge. Turns out the filter they gave me was for a 2002 maxima and they, nor any other auto store sold the right filter for my car. Got my money back for the filter but was woundering what gives? Do wingroads not have changeable filters or something or have they hidden it really well?

they don't sell wingroads here, so I can't say. But odds are there's a filter somewhere else then between the pump and the fuel injectors

My 1998 Toyota RAV4 Fuel Filter is in engine compartment, under air box-- if it's any consolation to you Mr. Derp.

Cheers, another place to look. Guess it could be anywhere.