Hey Scotty, i'm a small time mechanic (free lance auto repairs) need some help on steering issue

Hey Scotty, i'm a small time mechanic (free lance auto repairs) however, a friend of mine asked if i could look into the steering issue with her car i've had it for about 5 hours now, have rotated the wheels, back to front and ( X ), the steering wheel is moving itself to the shape of the roads, and bumps, so if i take it to the highway, and the road is slightly curved, the cars steering wheel will pull that way, and if i go over bumps, (1 wheel hits a bump when the others don't) the steering wheel will jerk hard to the shape of the bump the wheel is going over, HOWEVER... if both front tires hit a speed bump for example, EVENLY at the same time, the steering wheel stays perfectly centered like it should... and it happens with any once wheel hitting a bump without any other wheel hitting them at the same time, and the car pulls left or right SOMETIMES going down uneven roads, i think it is related to the same thing that is causing the wheel jerk, bump steer, torque steer... its got my head spinning could use some help here are the things i've done so far

checked wheels, rims, tires, ball joints(seem good to me)

tie rods aren't bent, shocks and struts are good

alignment was done.

also, when the car isn't moving, there is no play in the wheel, but when you start moving over 20/25/30, there is i'd say about 1 or 2 inches of freeplay in the steering wheel....

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thanks, i took it to a alignment shop, and told me everything looked fine... maybe i should try a different place, because clearly not everything is fine.



Start with a REAL pro alignment guy, they can figure that stuff out, could be anything from a worn steering rack to worn ball joints or A frame bushings. Pro alignment guys are worth their weight in gold IF you can ever find a decent one.