2003 Ford Focus 16v Zetec 2.0L cold start and idle-acceleration issues


Car rattling during acceleration after idling and sometimes not starting cold

I usually have to wait about 3 minutes for my car to go from the electronics being on to the car starting or it just continues to choke and sound terrible instead of starting, sometimes also rattles as if it was turbo lag when accelerating from an idle/brake and then releases unpredictable jump in power, usually not dangerously high but it does sort of skip a certain point which feels unnatural. Lastly my brakes sound perfectly fine during dry weather but during wet weather they really creak and sound really terrible. Is it my brake pads?

Note that when I first bought this car none of these issues were prevalent, neither was the overheating and radiator leak that I had to fix. It's been 30,000 kilometres and 6 months since I bought the car from a family owned used car yard in southwest Sydney. I also never had any of these issues at all with my corolla that I owned prior to crashing it in a really careless accident where I didn't gauge enough time between my right hand side oncoming traffic (australia drives on the left side of the road, right side of the car) in a T intersection exiting a carpark near a corner of a main road during a very constant traffic day which I waited for over 3 minutes to try and exit the lot between 2 work shifts. RIP 03 Corolla, was bulletproof but not Nissan Navara with a bullbar proof. I also was very close to dying in this crash, but that's allllllll beside the questions about my current DD, 03 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0 Mk1 I4 5 door hatch.