2003 Ford Explorer Automatic Transmission 136K miles


2003 Ford Explorer Automatic Transmission 136K miles
P0340 Code

Hey Scotty! I just started watching your videos and I think it's great that you make videos to help others with their mechanical and electrical issues with their automobiles because we all know how much of a burden these issues are...especially when you're a single mother of 3 who doesn't know much about cars 🤷🏼‍♀️

So my mechanic was trying to get my 2003 Ford Explorer (Davinci is his name) inspected and the engine light was on so he diagnosed it and got the P0340 code. He replaced the camshaft position sensor, but the engine light is still on. He doesn't seem to know what else could be the problem and I asked another mechanic who said that it could be the camshaft chain, which would cost a couple thousands dollars to fix. Now I've had Davinci for around 2 years now and I've already spent over 3K on him so I'd rather not put much more in. He's got 136K miles on em. I replaced the transmission with a used one and fixed a bunch of other things as well.

I only recently took him out of my garage because my 2005 Honda Pilot that I purchased in February was totalled because some dueche bag kid with a 2017 F150 that his daddy bought him slammed into me going 50mph while I was stopped in traffic. I'm guessing he was texting or something because I don't even think he used his brakes at all. So I had to bring good ol Davinci back out to use until his insurance (same as mine) pays me a third of what my car was worth since I have to split the money with the car that I hit in front of me due to him rear ending me 🤦🏼‍♀️Ugh...what a drag.

What would you suggest I do to help Davinci Scotty? Please help?