2003 Bonneville crank no start; someone else already replaced the fuel


2003 Bonneville crank no start; had someone else (friend) already replaced the fuel pump after I bought it. Ok...
So, just got a car from auction and the fuel pump is not turning on when cranked. Car turns over but won't start. Checked FP relays and fuses, theyre all good. Yes, it has gas, lol. All the lights and dings work when key is on, security dash light flashes until the ignition is switched to on. I did try to reset that anti theft system twice though. It looks like someone cut the wiring harness in the trunk so I tried to hook the wires straight to the battery and the pump still doesn't turn on. I then tried to rewire the harness in the trunk, but I can't find a diagram anywhere so I'm just going off the colors. Pretty sure I have that connected correctly. I have spark and it does run momentarily with spraying starter fluid. I'm not sure where to look next. The car eas un an accident so I was going to make sure the auto shut off wasnt activated, but I have read that there is not a fuel pump auto shut off switch in this car, if it does have one, I cant find it. So.... Any ideas where to check next? And a premature Thanks anyone who has any ideas! :)

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Orange Oratory
Orange Oratory

I would recommend replacing the fuel pump, as it is an older car, and it was in an accident, on top of that it was sold at an auction. If you've tried everything to get it working, it needs replacing!