2003 1.7 Lts. Civic, Crank but not star after Timing Belt work

Mario Javier

Hi, congrats for what you are doing for so many years helping us. PLEASE HELP!!

I got a 2003 automatic trans 1.7 Lts. Civic Lx, 230k plus miles. Overall condition OK before...

Recently got a leak on crank (or cam, not sure) seal. I only get OEM and (Jap replacement made) cam and crank oil seals, water pump, timing belt, belt tensioner, other 2 belts, sparks.

A friend work on it, but when he finishes car crank but will not start. He mentions to test cam sensor was ok; he thinks was crank sensor. So, I buy a new Denso. Wont star, he says triple check the time and says its ok.

The long story short, he discovered that disconnecting the crank sensor cable the car start (takes a few second more cranking than normal) cars run but can pass 3500 rpm (engine relays. Cheap scanner reads sensor because is disconnected and can read a normal operation because car will not start and runs. Before all this only code was a carbon canister valve solenoid and buy it). Some people mention cars not supposed to start without crank disconnected

Can invest much more on it, but cars its ok (beside that), quite sure is some simple thing (loose or disconnected ground, LoL I am not a mechanic).

Please HELP!!! keep up the good work!!!

M. Javier

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Mario Javier
Mario Javier

Mr. Kilmer to take time to answer, means a lot Thanks.

Does it normal that car's can start with crank sensor cable disconnected?

Looking through the net I found (but I lost that page or site)some guy mention that Honda's got like a protection wont let start for out of timing (for me that knew almost nothing of mechanic, that could be true or false).
God Bless!!!; your home, your followers and America. Happy 4th of July!!!

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


well, start with another mechanic, he's an idiot who should not be working on hondas if he can't figure out why it doesn't start. Odds are he screwed up something, either belt if not timed right on the cam or wiring damage during that work