2002 Porsche 911 spark plugs

Porsche 911 spark plugs replaced without removing engine by removing wheels and heat shields.

Hi Scotty. I just replaced the alternator, belts, coils, and spark plugs on a 2002 Porsche 911 without taking the engine out. Jacked the rear and removed the
heat shield.Took 3 hours because of rusty alternator bolt. I can do an oil + paper filter change under 10 minutes.

yea, those things weren't made to work on. I once put a plastic intake manifold on one without pulling the engine, NEVER would try that again

I forgot to mention I got an electric Chicago impact wrench from Harbor Frieght for $39 since I don't have noisy air pump and works awesome on wheels

Those Porsche 911's are super fun to drive, but not fun to fix. You have to remove the engine if you want to do anything on it the easy way. Even changing your oil and filter.

No! the oil and filter on this 996 is the easiest of all cars I've owned but take 8 quarts of Mobile one synthetics. If you wanna PITA car to work on, buy an Audi or a Passat.