2002 GMC Sonoma 4 cylinder 2WD (S15/S-10)
Changing passenger side upper control arm.
All bolts off (except bushings) but control arm bushing shaft will not clear left hand mounting stud; it hits the motor mount bracket on the frame of the truck. The right side of the shaft comes right off.
Color me baffled ...
Please help

they don't make those to work on. Try to figure out how they made the stupid thing, and think logically how to get it off. Sometimes you need to remove the mounts and jack the engine up

These studs the control arm shaft is on are at least an inch longer than needed to retain the control arm. I was thinking of cutting a half inch off the left hand stud to solve my problem and make it easier for the next guy. Spin a die on the stud, cut a half inch off, bevel ends with a file, spin die off? What do you think?

I could also do it by removing the bolts on the motor mount bracket and jacking the motor up an inch as you suggested.

Not sure which is the faster way,