2002 Chev Impala 3600 (or 3800?)


  • Intermittent stall, with no pattern and mechanics not able to catch it with diagnostics while driving.
  • Completely shuts down/stalls after driving a few miles (2-4 mi); coast into parking lot or side of road and wait 5-20 mins and it starts right up
  • Then can go days without doing it again; it did this to me a year ago; replaced small ignition coil (? $11@Autozone), and didn't do it again for nearly a year. Took to mechanic who discovered head gasket issue; replaced. Still stalls. (Reputable auto shop)
  • JIC this matters: It was giving me starting problems also and I researched and found same issue on forum that was SECURITY ALARM and showed how to bypass that. It seems to be effective. Stall issue AFTER bypass caused return to mechanic, so haven't had much time to test starting issue for long.
    I live in Louisiana and have to walk or ride my bike to work (no buses and minimal transp options)...too hot, now, for this little old lady to be doing that! LOL Need my car back! You are amazing, Scotty, so I am turning to YOU for help!

I love working on my own car, so I stay on top of things by watching your program. Thank you so much!

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often that's just a wearing out fuel pump. when it conks out, quick pressure test the fuel pump