2002 Camry jerks when I shift to D in the morning


My 2002 Camry V6 (70k miles) has a jerk / kick when I move to D after it's been sitting overnight.

  • It doesn't have the jerk when I shift from P to R, or R to N. But when I shift from N to D, it jerks.
  • It only happens during the first shift in the morning. If it take it out from D to N, shift into D again right away, it doesn't jerk as bad. It still has the a slight kick but not comparable to the first shift.
  • The jerk is a lot less when I let the car warm up a little bit (lower idle RPM). But it still does.
  • The transmission shifts smoothly for the rest of the time. (While running or after the very first shift in the morning)
  • I don't know when was the ATF changed last time but it looks clean and normal from the dipstick.
  • Upper torque strut has been replaced last year.

Is it normal for Toyota? It feels like someone kicks the car from the inside. Not moving forward and backward. I had a 1995 Civic and it doesn't jerk this badly.
Why does it jerk in D but not R?