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Parking brake lever interferes with left rear upper control arm bracket

I bought a Z71 tahoe as a project car. Love the SBC but HATE quality of trim. I cannot help but agree when you say stay clear of GM products. However, it's kept me out of trouble with it's many nuances / nickle & dime repairs.

One repair has eluded solution though. It's the parking brake. The video illustrates parking brake lever catching on the left rear upper control arm bracket. Certainly this is not correct operation. It looks as though was designed where this could become or be a design flaw? However, I'd imagine it shouldn't be so. I just don't have several cars to inspect and see.

I have replaced all the shoes, rotors, levers, and hardware inside the shoe (minus anchor plate). In the video the lever interferes but slides past to full lock, but once shoe and hat are installed the lever hangs up on the bracket and I cannot apply full force to the parking brake.

The anchor plate and cables were not replaced (possibly issue is anchor plate?). I have adjusted the cables to their maximum but I don't believe they would be a separate issue? The parking brake does go to the floor. Brake will hold truck on a hill, but with no gas applied will roll once in gear and brake applied.

Any suggestions / ideas or should I keep replacing hardware until it's all new?

FYI ~ Love your videos. I'm a bit of a grease monkey but minimal professional experience if any (used to be on a racing team & do all my own work). Your videos are fantastically well edited. I find myself watching clips on your channel and learning how to do different things with cars just about every day. Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing your passion.

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Will do thanks :)



adjust the cable as tight as you can, and if not good enough, replace the cable, it's stretched

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