2001 jeep Cherokee sport engine wire harness


replace wire harness in 2001 jeep cherokee sport

I need advice, started to replace bad engine wire harness in my 2001 jeep Cherokee sport 4.0 /4 The number 2 injector wire has no power to it and is causing a misfire.

It was first reading and misfiring on number 6, replaced connector and worked for one day then engine light came on and said misfire in 3 and multiple misfire. After trouble shot the whole system and changed coil pack - changed fuel injectors- changed spark plugs- pcm - to know avail. Tried to visually look for bad wire in the number 2 wire and no luck. Tested the number 2 wires with new plugs and no flashing light. tested all other fuel injector connections made test light flash except number 2.

I started to take old engine wire harness out labeling and taking pics and video so i can replace. I got down to the last connection behind the motor and under the car that i traced to 2 connections unplugged and tried to pull out and up thru the motor and it seems like there is something else connected. What could that be????? is it a ground or a wire that is connected under the car????

I unhook the two connections under the car on the drivers side.Theirs no going back at this point. Please looking for some good advice and obviously knowledge that I missed. What am I missing and can I cut wire close to top and re-splice when I receive new harness?

Yours truly

Hopefully not screwed