2001 Honda Odyssey has 31-2 Permanent DTC ENGINE RETARD COMMAND(PFINH) SIGNAL FAILURE The engine…



The engine rpm's move up and down slightly when reeved up to a steady level along with problems of the engine dying out all of a sudden.

Then it won't start back up unless you wait 5 minutes or so. (sometimes) It is the worst problem you can have...………..an intermittent performance problem.

The only codes found are the one noted above within the ABS/TCS control unit and one O2 sensor code (O2 sensor needs to be replaced) within the main engine ECM.

Tried watching live data with my scanner and everything else on all the other computers seem to check out. (their all doing what they are supposed to do)

However, my scanner isn't allowed to see the Cam and Crank sensors for some reason. (everything else I can see)

I am desperate because now my wife's van is unreliable at this point and we are poor financially. (can't afford a Honda tech)

I used to practically be a master tech, but, it has been like a decade since I have messed with automobiles because of my disability.

I am hoping that Eric himself will be willing to help with this problem since he knows so much about this model having owned one himself.

Van History-(I have rebuilt the entire upper area of the engine and everything around that. The Transmission has been rebuilt as well and I have practically restored almost everything else.)

I have pretty much done a total restore job on this van including the brakes and air conditioning system. It has been operating wonderfully up until these two items came up.

Please HELP!!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


you said you rebuilt the upper area of the engine, but it's a big mistake doing that and not doing the bottom end too. I would guess bottom end is acting up now from that information