2001 Ford Escape with a V6 automatic 4WD transmission lever stuck

Blue Apple

I have a 2001 Ford Escape with a V6 automatic 4WD. It has 230,000 miles. I just pulled up in front of my house and stopped. I put the gear shift lever in PARK. Then I wanted to back up, so I tried to pull the gear shift lever into Reverse. But when I stepped on the brake pedal and tried to pull it out of Park, it would not budge. The car is on level ground. The parking brake is off. The digital display says it is in Neutral, but the lever is in the Park position. Now the lever is stuck!. The transmission actually is in Neutral because I can turn the steering wheel, and I can push the car. Plus, when the engine is turned off, it will start again. I have never had any transmission issues before.