2001 Chrysler town and country Rod bearing

I bought this 2001 town and country Van and It has a sound of rod bearing

Hi Scotty

I bought this 2001 Town and country and it has a rod bearing noise. I wanted to know whats is the cheapest way to fix it. Is it possible to replace the rod bearing from under the engine without taking it out of the Van. Will it be successful if I change it from under the Van without taking engine out of the Van. is there any other solution. and even if I replace bearing from underneath the van, should I replace all bearings or just the faulty one and how much to tight bolts and torque measurement or no.

2001 Town and Country 3.3 L

238K miles

it's possible, but crank would probably need turning on a lathe to fix it right. Me, I'd put in a good used engine