2000 vw jetta 2.0l. Cranks but no start changed crank sensor, coil pack, and fuel pump (now getting fuel) i have power going to ecu can a good ground for ecu? And how to fix communication to ecu (won't connect my snap on solis)? Only things I can come up with is the ecu is bad cuz it controls the spark. Or the cam sensor to tell computer which cylinder is about to fire. The previous owner did a butcher job at the stereo harness to wire up an aftermarket stereo. I thought if I cut the K line wire for stock stereo diagnosing it would allow me to communicate with ecu but didnt.

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oten a bad ecu, but realize any wiring or sensor failure can cause no communication. Jettas are endless money pits at that age, realize that. Pay a VW pro at least to analyze it to see if computer is bad, cause good ones are not cheap