2000 Honda Accord 5 Speed "Jumpy Trans" So my clutch gave way on a North Carolina highway just 10…


2000 Honda Accord 5 Speed "Jumpy Trans"

So my clutch gave way on a North Carolina highway just 10 minutes from Raleigh and I had it towed home. Upon the drop off I found that "EVEN WITH MY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT!" my shop would charge me hundreds to work on it there! So I spent the next 14 hours cracking apart the transversal motor and transmission to find that, "hey! This clutch pad is about as thick as a finger nail!" And I threw it out. Well, I bought a new one. Specifically a "heavy duty" variant, not a staged clutch or anything. But I bought a CLUTCH ASSEMBLY W/ Friction Plate, throw out bearing, and a Flywheel. After opening the powertrain: I unbolted the clutch assembly and flywheel, canned them. Placed the new flywheel onto the crank, bolted it down using a 3/8ths snap on impact, 3 times over every head in a star pattern, bolted up the clutch assembly evenly using my alignment tool going around it twice with the Same impact tool. Cleaned out the bell housing, the input shaft, rear end of the block. Then I married the power train, bolted the entire deal back down. NOTE I did not use a torque wrench due to the financial shave of the job. And now when i shift either in Reverse or Forward EASILY, the clutch grabs and starts to nibble, then it'll jerk harder, and harder until it has total grip. Second, third, fourth, and fifth shift as smooth as an automatic. I've driven a couple of manuals. Being only 19 I've been in the mechanic world for only 4 years and I hope to be in for my life, but to me this is confusing. Did I miss a step? It doesn't jerk in any gear, except for when it grabs in first and reverse. I'm NOT giving it a boatload of throttle, only about 2 1/2 to 3 thousand rpms. It'll even behave this way if I give it 5 to 6 1/2 thousand.

*jerk being the whole car shakes forward harder and harder and the clutch grabs

I know it's alot but I was hoping you could help. Thanks in advance and thanks for posting such awesome videos!



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Thanks for the advice Scotty! I know I put the clutch disk in right, it had a fw side on one side to label which end was which. I'll keep breaking it end and hoping for the best. Thanks again!



flywheel may be too shiny and needs bedding in. Give it a few weeks. if not, you may have put the clutch disc in backwards