2000 Bmw 323Ci AC cold just when accelerating

Bmw 323Ci AC cold just when accelerating

Hi Scotty, I just got a used 2000 BMW 323Ci for my 17 years old son, I'm restoring the car little by little, the car has 155K miles actually and runs awesome, the only issue with the car is that the AC blows cold air only when accelerating (cruising) or being stopped but accelerating the engine, the radiator fan is running upon I start the AC in the car and the AC system is showing 45 charge of FREON (For me is overfilled), is the ac compressor going bad? what's my next step to get this thing cooler for next hot summer months here in the hell of Texas? Thanks in advance !

you're playing with an endless money pit, realize that. But I would assume compressor is going out, typical on that model with that mileage