1999 Plymouth Voyager 3.3 V6

Takes a PH16 oil filter , However the XG8a has the same thread , Same O ring diameter Same offset and same(as near as I Can tell ) relief pressure

I have been using the XG8a for 2 years with Mobil 1, then Amsoil and Sea Foam 2 weeks before oil changes and all the blow by coming out my oil fill while running with it open has stopped .

The Synthetic is why I bought the XG8a filter. but I have a couple questions.

Question one . Is there any good reason not to use the higher volume filter. I am thinking NO

Question Two , Is there any place to go to cross reference for larger filters that will fit any given car .

And question Three if not for the car , Is there a cross reference just for filters of different sizes that mount the same?

Realistically a filter could be much larger and not interfere with anything under my car at all as long as the O-Ring was in the right place , the thread size was the correct diameter and pitch and it was the correct flow pattern . The XG8a is just under 3 inches longer than the PH16

I can not think of a reason to call Higher Oil Volume Bad EVER.

Food for Thought.

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fine to use a bigger filter. I don't know of any cross references though for either purposes.