Hi Scotty, My 1999 CR-V has exhaust valve problems and I'm wondering whether to repair or get rid of the car.

Purchased the car four years ago for $6K with 157,000 mi. It immediately had misfire codes related to out of clearance exhaust values. Adjusting the valves lasted one year (30k miles) after which it was determined that the valve seats had receded into the head. So we had the head replaced (re-manufactured) and thought we should be fine if we adjusted the valves once per year. A year goes by and sure enough the MIL comes on with a misfire code. Valves were adjusted and after a another year MIL comes back on (exhaust valve #4) but this time the mechanics cannot adjust any further. So basically our re-manned head lasted us 2 years, or 60k miles.

A couple of questions:

  1. Do you know why this particular valve system is so prone to coming out of adjustment so early?

  2. Should we get rid of the car, or replace the motor (currently at 257k mi) and head entirely (about $2,500 quoted)? This is still cheaper than buying another car (upper limit $8k-10k).

  3. If we were to sell the car with this problem, what would you wager I could get for it? The car is actually in really good condition otherwise, and has been well maintained.

Appreciate your help and advice.