Dear Scotty Community,

Love your stuff please don't stop!!!

I have a 99 Honda civic sedan with 184,000 miles on it. Sorry could not get the OBDII code for you. Owned it for 3 years and and its a great car! The radiator cracked on it and I took it to a local shop to have the radiator replaced to the tune of 300 bucks. Was just feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered to it myself. I picked it up after the repair and saw that the check engine light was on right away (was not on when I dropped it off). I brought the owner out and let him know the Check Engine light was on before I left the shop. He said it was" no big deal" and "the computer was learning the new idle from having to run the engine without any coolant to having coolant back in the lines. I drove 200 yards to my house, parked in my driveway and the engine began idling rough (revving up and down in pulses). I started to turn around to go back to the shop and it went away so i decided to wait for it to happen. The next morning I drove it around the block till it started doing it again and took it back right back to the shop. Owner said to just leave it but i insisted that he see exactly what I was talking about before I drop the car off and that the check engine light was back on! A day later they called me to tell me that the throttle body needed replaced and it would cost me $600.00!!!!! This smells like bovine fecal matter. Is there anyway I can hold the shop responsible for tripping my check engine light?

Hope you guys are safe from the weather,